Secretarial Services

For a small business or an individual, day-to-day duties like secretarial services can leave you with little time for the more profitable tasks that enable you to grow as a company. By providing highly professional, efficient and friendly services, our services will lighten the load for you and free-up some of your valuable time to concentrate on the more important areas of your business.

You only pay for the time it takes to do the job, saving you a significant amount on costs associated with employing somebody full time including holiday, sickness and maternity leave costs. Provides much needed additional office space. There is no need to use a temping agency staff and incur their additional costs. Avoid costs involved with training of staff or temporary staff and we’ll provide you with peace of mind knowing your administrative tasks have been well taken care of.

  • £20 (+ VAT) per hour
  • Word processing/typing
  • Meeting schedules and arrangements
  • Convert documents to PDF and other formats
  • More services available upon request

Secretarial & PA Services Enquiry

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Secretarial services