Virtual Office London Start Up !

19 April 2018
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19 April 2018, Comments 0

So, you’ve had that eureka moment at 3 o’clock in the morning, you’ve thought of your product or service that you’re so damn good at providing, and you’ve decided to start a company so that you can crack on.

Then you have a look at how much commercial space in London is… and, let’s face it, things start to look a bit bleak. You’ve seen the damp infested basements, the offices small enough to qualify as a time capsule, and you’ve decided that natural light isn’t, after all, something that you really need (but damn, would have been nice…).

So, you look at a few industrial parks out in Zone 6 so you can have a bit more space, but you feel disconnected from the city. You feel like you need to get a train out of London in order to go to work. Things are looking more and more challenging.

Suddenly you hear about London Virtual Offices (Editor’s note: shameless, I know) and how you can have a Central London business presence for a fraction of the price! Suddenly all of London is your office. The café on the corner that you love to sit in and work, that park bench that gives you a front row view of all of your upcoming customers walking by, even the long bus journey where you find your mind frantically kicking into 5th gear. This is your new workplace.

Why? Because your professional address is taken care of. Your business correspondence is being delivered and sorted in one of our professionally maintained prestigious boutique office centres. Our receptionist is taking your calls and transferring them to you wherever you are, or taking a message and emailing the details to you for you to come back to at a later time.

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