How to beat feelings of being lonely when you work from home

8 June 2018
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8 June 2018, Comments 0

There are so many great things about working from home, whether that is for yourself or as a part of your job. However, whilst it is great to work from home, one problem that can arise is that you may feel lonely and that you are not staying as social as possible.

So, aside from spending time with actual people, what can you do to try and curb the loneliness that can come from working from home?

Have some background noise              

If you are in the middle of a task and you are feeling lonely and sorry for yourself, then there is one great quick fix that you can try. This is to turn on the radio or the TV and using it as background noise. The trick with this is to have something that isn’t going to distract you too much, as otherwise you could draw your focus away from your work.

Use social media

When you work from home you are going to quickly realise that social media is your friend. Social media is going to help you to feel that little bit less alone in the world. Best of all, you don’t always have to post on there, sometimes you can just read through your newsfeed, soaking up all the great things that your friends, family, loved ones and people you have randomly met along the way are up to.

Go for a walk in a busy place

Sometimes, the best way to stop feeling isolated is to leave your work and head out for a walk. Simply being out of the house is often enough to stop those feelings of being alone. If you really want to feel like a functioning member of society, then we highly recommend going for a walk in a busy or social space such as a park or where there are plenty of shops. This way you are going to feel much more connected to the real world.

Arrange for regular meetings with your other work from home friends

Do you have other friends who work from home? If you do, then it might be a good idea to find time that you can all come together and have a catch up. Not only will this help with any feelings of loneliness that you might have, but it can also be great for sharing business ideas and coming together as one creative mind. Stuck for a venue, why not take a look at some of your local virtual offices which will often have meeting spaces that you can hire?

Being lonely is often part and parcel of working from home, despite this, there are things that you can do to make sure that you don’t feel it too often and instead feel all of the positives that can come with working for yourself.

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