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Terms and Conditions of Website Use and Our Services.

  • These Terms and Conditions of Service are published by London Virtual Offices whose registered office is situated at Vicarage House, 58-60 Kensington church St London W8 4DB. This company is registered at Companies House under company registration number 10729914.
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  • We accept no liability in respect of:

(a)        any of the content of the Site including any as to the quality, accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of any such content and (b) any guidance or other content and information in connection with our services (c) this information on the Site does not constitute any actual advice or recommendation;

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  • By using the site once we have posted any such changes, you agree to accept those changes. Our Terms and Conditions of Service were last updated on 08 May 2018.
  • If any court or competent authority shall find that any of our terms shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable then that determination shall not affect the rest of these Terms and Conditions of Service.


Site Content & Copyright Statement

  • All materials contained on our website, including (but not restricted to) images, data, illustrations, designs, photographs and all other such material are owned exclusively by London Virtual Offices and should not be used or published elsewhere without our express written consent.
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  • Failure to comply with this request may result in prosecution, at our sole discretion and we therefore reserve the right to disclose any material which may give rise to criminal liability such as your name, email address or any other related information for this express purpose.
  • Should we choose to include links to third party sites on our website then these will not be controlled or managed by us; nor do they represent any endorsement of the site or service.


General provisions

  • In these Terms and Conditions of Service, “the Company” and “the Provider” shall mean London Virtual Offices. “The Customer” and “the Subscriber” shall mean any company, firm, organisation or private individual trading with the Company in accordance with these terms and any other terms of business expressly agreed between us.


Limitations of Liability

  • Our website and all its contents are provided by us without any representation or warranty of any kind whether express or implied in nature.
  • London Virtual Offices expressly disclaims all express and implied warranties including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement.
  • London Virtual Offices will not, under any circumstance, be liable to any third party for any direct or indirect damage of any kind. This includes (but is not limited to) any loss of data, income or any other damages of any kind whatsoever arising from use of this website.



  • You hereby agree to indemnify London Virtual Offices from any third party claim, action, loss or damages, arising out of or relating to your violation of these Terms and Conditions of Service.
  • London Virtual Offices reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for any violation of these Terms and Condition of Service including, but not limited to, the right to block or restrict access to its site.


Our Privacy Policy

  • Please review our Privacy Policy since this also governs your visit to our website and is incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of Business. To access this Policy, please click here.


Agreement for length of Service

  • An Agreement shall continue from a given period start to period end, unless you have failed to pay any advance fees due. In these circumstances the service will be terminated without notice.  Otherwise an agreement may be cancelled by either party and at any time provided that 30 clear days’ notice is given in writing, no refunds will be provided if the customer cancels during the service period.


Service Provision

  • We will at all times take reasonable and practicable steps to ensure the accurate and efficient dealing with all communications received on your behalf and that mail is handled in accordance with your specific instructions. These should be clearly detailed on your application form.  However, no warranty or liability is accepted by us, our staff or agents in relation to services provided, nor for any losses or damages suffered by you which shall include money, valuables or loss of business, however so caused.